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Do you want to communicate or consume? There is a lot of discussion regarding audiences and communities in the social media industry. Although they are extremely distinct, we often use these names interchangeably. Imagine a play being seen by a crowd. They are applauding, laugh, and sob when it is appropriate,...

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NSFW humor and sexually explicit material. The marketing division adopted the tactic that helped many radio shock jocks establish their careers in the 1980s and 1990s. B2C brands everywhere are turning up the social media snark to 11 in the name of virality and brand recognition, from RadioShack to Corn...

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The key to operating a successful business is seizing opportunities. You sometimes take advantage of those that are offered to you. In some circumstances, you design your own. These suggestions from the internet small business community's members can assist with both approaches. Utilize Competitor Analysis Tools to Find Growth Opportunities...

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