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How B2B Companies Leverage Instagram For Business Growth

Instagram users publish a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is focused on trips, health, celebrities, entertainment, food, pets, and other lifestyle-related topics. This mindset makes it perfect for connecting with B2C consumers, but B2B businesses might not think of Instagram as a viable alternative for their organizations as a potential marketing medium.

B2B businesses shouldn't disregard this low-cost and successful marketing tool, though. The fact is that B2B buyers are also on Instagram, and with the correct strategy, a digital marketing campaign on this social media site may be a great method to connect with them. Read the advice below to find out more about the best B2B marketing tactics on Instagram.

  1. Keep prospects in mind throughout their customer journey

Instagram is best used for nurturing and advancing prospects along their customer journey because sales cycles for most B2B firms are lengthy and numerous people are engaged in the purchase decision. It is a great idea to use it to offer free, tracked access to white papers and invites to educational webinars.

  1. When attending trade events, promote video content

When attending trade shows, B2B organizations can use the interactive aspects of Instagram to promote highly shareable video content. For instance, you can connect a video of a panel discussion the B2B company is sponsoring at the conference to a white paper that elaborates on the topics raised during the event. The activity can then be attributed to and measured using a link tracker.

  1. Monitor User Activity on the Links You Post

B2B companies can gain from merely monitoring connection interactions. Link clicks can provide you with information on the themes and trends that your audience finds most interesting, whether you're linking to a blog post on your own website or a news story on a separate domain. You may then modify your material to suit their preferences and build a more interested audience.

  1. Spread the word about your lead magnets or press reports about them.

B2B businesses can take advantage of the increased Instagram activity to market their lead magnets or previously published PR articles about them. Contrary to B2C or D2C businesses, which may have a straight offer you can accept right away, B2B businesses must keep in mind to nurture their potential customers throughout the buying process.

  1. Make Use Of Instagram's Collabs Feature And Product Tags

Using product tags and Instagram's Collabs feature is only one of the many solutions available to B2B businesses. Posts from collaborations show up in the feeds of both accounts, and your content receives more impressions, encouraging subscribers on both accounts to make purchases.

  1. Countdowns Or Feature Information For Online Events

For online events like press conferences or webinars, there may be feature information or countdowns. Stories can be used to share sneak peeks that encourage fans to sign up by clicking the link in their bio. Use your social media channels to showcase keynote speakers, lessons attendees will learn, and deals that are "only available" to those who have registered. You are selling an experience instead of a product, unlike B2C or D2B.

  1. Pay special attention to calls to action that direct visitors to landing pages

To influence other decision makers, B2B audiences want educational content. They typically don't buy anything straight from Instagram ads. Therefore, concentrate on calls to action like "learn more" and guide audiences to the relevant landing pages rather than focusing on "purchase now" calls to action and one-time discounts that are beneficial for direct-to-consumer and business-to-consumer audiences.

  1. Offer A Beneficial, Customized, And Educational Experience

Using Instagram for B2B marketing is a terrific approach to make sure that the entire team is able to give the viewer a user experience that is also more personalized. There are several things you can do to make sure your audience is content and that you are educating them.

  1. Charge Your Subject Matter Experts For Time

Selling their time is one option available to B2B businesses. According to my observations, the market is full of brilliant SMEs that desire to increase value. Engineers, marketers, designers, and executives can all assign a monetary value to their time and promote it as a brief period of time at a lunch and learn session or other events. Although it is unlikely to result in much additional revenue, it can be the difference between a sale being made or not.

  1. Pay Attention To High-Level CX

A B2B company model, which is an upstream, value-chain offering, and a B2C retailer are very different from one another. While B2C brand activation on social media can be successful, B2B brands are typically high-value, high-margin companies that are concerned with retaining a clientele base (and with a longer sales cycle). Nevertheless, concentrating on a positive customer experience gives them a crucial boost in terms of buyer reach.

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