How to Successfully Stand Out on TikTok as a Business in 2023

How to Successfully Stand Out on TikTok as a Business in 2023

It's no secret that TikTok has quickly risen to the top of the list of platforms that businesses are considering establishing a presence on. TikTok has transformed from being a platform for dancing teens and lip-syncing videos to one for true storytelling, discovery, and cultural debates.

As a result, marketers can now use TikTok as a strategic channel in their marketing mix. Users spend an average of 95 minutes each day on the app, and for good reason.

The platform's user base is gradually growing to cover age groups other than Gen Z. Of course, the kind of video that TikTok's algorithm prefers is already unfiltered and natural, with the capacity to build consumer trust and include social proof.

But it's not as simple as it first appears to get TikTok correctly. One is that the platform is becoming more and more crowded every day. As TikTok has grown in popularity, more brands have rushed to the platform, making it more difficult to stand out from the crowd and draw in the target demographic.

Success on TikTok also entails capturing the "unpolished" zeitgeist of the platform and going beyond the brand's "curated" identity to participate in conversations on an equal footing, which may be challenging for many businesses.

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Here are six essential tactics that will enable you to properly master TikTok as a brand.

Educate and entertain first, then sell
TikTok can be a potent growth channel, but it is different from other social platforms in that it is less about promotion. Content is essential for TikTok growth, and customers judge brands first on their capacity to provide value. It's crucial for brands to recognize that customers use the platform primarily for pleasure and are easily irritated by promotional content that interferes with their enjoyment. In order to drive brand recognition at the top of the funnel, brands must concentrate on content that connects with the end user by offering immediate value.

When producing content for TikTok, consider whether you're putting the viewer at the center of the piece.

What is the immediate advantage your content provides the audience (in terms of enjoyment, knowledge, or both)? Are you addressing a problem that you can resolve for the user or are you introducing a specific service that you wish to sell?

Utilize creators to convey the tale of your brand.
A brand's TikTok strategy can succeed or fail depending on effective storytelling and a charismatic personality, so it's critical to work with the right talent to communicate your message in the most powerful way possible. There are various methods to collaborate with creators: you may hire a full-time employee who will "own" the ongoing creation of content in-house; you can also form collaborations with creators in your industry to gain access to their communities and raise the social validity of your brand.

Regardless of whatever path you choose (or if you think about combining the two), you will essentially be working with creative masterminds who will assist you in creating the creative vision for your business through their distinct abilities in narration and video editing.

Create a content plan based on your brand's core principles.
Success on TikTok is not about randomly publishing to see what sticks, despite what many people believe. Your TikTok content should be built on a structure that relates directly back to your brand's positioning, unique value proposition(s), and differentiators, just like your content strategy across other content marketing platforms (I hope!) following a pillar plan.

What principles do you, as a brand, stand for? What are the main problems you wish to fix for the customer? What specific services do you provide to address these problems? Consolidate your responses into three to five content categories so you may experiment to see what appeals to your audience.

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Considering TikTok SEO when creating content
Since TikTok's content is legitimate and socially verified, more users—especially members of Generation Z—are using it instead of Google to conduct their searches. Due of the nature of the results, 40% of Gen Z already prefer TikTok and Instagram to Google.

Because TikTok is primarily a discovery platform rather than a social media tool, it's critical to keep in mind that your objective should be to increase your discoverability. TikTok SEO can help you produce content more purposefully and rank higher for the search terms used by your audience. Choose important terms and keywords that you want to rank for and that people are already searching for when you develop your content strategy. Then, add those terms in your caption, hashtags, text overlays, script, and closed captions.

Focus on trends, important cultural debates, and situations
Knowing how to participate in the platform's trends and cultural dialogues without being overtly commercial is essential for brands trying to succeed on TikTok. Social listening is therefore crucial to creating a strong TikTok presence. Focus on bridging the gaps between your brand's area of expertise and the video format you pursue, whether it be through music trends (like the "It's Corn" Song), video editing trends (like transitions), or commentary on larger topics that circulate on the platform on which you have a distinct stance.

Use Spark Ads to extend your reach
The Spark Ads format on TikTok effectively "boosts" an organic piece of content, gives your uploaded videos more reach and helps you reach your target viewers with your brand. To avoid losing your audience's attention with "ads that feel like ads," it's important to retain an authentic, instructional, or entertaining approach to your short-form films. Keep in mind that the organic creative will decide the success of your sponsored media initiatives.

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