Robust Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bring Results

Robust Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bring Results

  1. Highlight content with a lot of organic engagement

"Promote Post" has long been a feature on Facebook. It enables brands to introduce new audiences to their existing posts. This feature is utilized by various businesses to market advertisements and interesting posts to their target market.

When you want to raise brand awareness and draw new people to your page, this is a terrific method.

This business development strategy can increase your number of followers, clicks, and traffic to your landing page (if you're marketing a post that invites readers to a particular website page).

If you're going to use this Facebook function, follow these steps: Promote articles that are already incredibly popular with the audience.

Pay attention to your most recent Instagram and Facebook postings. See which posts perform best in terms of likes, clicks, comments, and shares by looking at the stats.

Reposts and comments are especially helpful because they highlight the post's quality and relevance to the intended audience.

These are the posts that ought to receive promotion. You are already aware of how this content has been regarded by your target audience. And as a result, a new audience will find it appealing.

Promoting current, successful posts on Facebook and Instagram has a clear benefit. This is how the social proof is kept alive. New users will be able to see all the likes and comment that the post has received. People are more likely to pay attention to content that is already well-liked by a large audience.

  1. Hold contests for participation to create leads

Social media competitions provide brands with amazing opportunities. But sadly, many business owners and marketers fail to properly organize contests, which makes their results inadequate.

For instance, did you know that specialized software can be used to automate the procedure of gathering information on contestants in social networks? You can gather phone numbers or email addresses. The competition will therefore provide you with a lot of leads.

In addition to gathering data on leads, specialized software can also be used to gather "competition materials". These pictures are UGC (User Content). After that, you may utilize them as priceless social evidence to improve your social media marketing.

A few pointers can help you get the most out of the competition:

For about a week prior to the contest's start, actively advertise it. Give the audience a description of the competition's terms and regulations. People should have enough time to share images if you ask them to.

Use social media contest creation tools like Wishpond or ShortStack.

Request followers on your page, along with email addresses from users who want to be notified when a contest is over and the winners, on no more than two different platforms. Users are also encouraged to share content mentioning the competition.

Create a contest that will attract a sufficient number of participants. But don't let it drag on.

Voting can be included so that participants can influence who wins.

Declare the victor.

Ensure that the prize appeals to your intended audience. You may create leads and raise brand recognition by offering good incentives.

  1. Respond to Facebook messages inside of a day.

Subscribers frequently contact brands through messenger or direct. You can post a review, place an order, or ask a question via message.

Facebook has some rather rigorous guidelines for communicating with clients. A brand has only 24 hours to reply to a user's message sent over messenger. And if you're successful in sending a reply inside that window, you'll have the chance to hear from your client again within that same 24-hour window.

This strategy will not only demonstrate to the audience that you are concerned with customer service, but it will also open up new channels of connection. Someone can inquire about a different product or offer comments on your customer service. We should talk more. Keep to Facebook's 24-hour response time, which is very critical.

  1. Pay attention to user-generated content, and remember to obtain permission before sharing.

A potent social media marketing tool is user-generated content (UGC). Customers' own images and reviews that they publish are beneficial to your brand. Converting user-generated material into social proof significantly enhances reach. The target market is more likely to decide to make a purchase after reading customer feedback.

As a result, it's critical to pay attention to programs that promote the production and sharing of UGC.

  1. Mention other companies in pertinent content

The word "relevant" is the crucial component of this statement, as I immediately notice. Only mention other brands and influencers in content that has some sort of direct connection to them.

An excellent strategy is to mention other brands and influencers in your work. The most important factor is that it does not appear to be spam and does not irritate people. As a result, it is crucial to include pertinent material.

When you have a similar audience, partnering with nearby or complementary businesses can frequently be advantageous for both parties. They will be content to share your work with them in return if you tag them.

You are able to produce your own content and brand other products. Make sure to include their brand or product in your piece, especially if you referenced them. This covers affiliate, sponsored, and other material.

Make contact with businesses that could be willing to work with you. You can plan a broadcast, arrange collaborative competitions and events, and do a lot more. There are several chances to unite your audience for the advantage of all parties, including yourself.

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