Utilizing Hidden Gems: Ways to Spot Underused Employees in Your Company

Utilizing Hidden Gems: Ways to Spot Underused Employees in Your Company

As a business owner, identifying talent within your company can be a challenging task. Sometimes, valuable employees can be hidden due to a lack of opportunity or encouragement.

Recognizing and utilizing these underused gems can make a significant difference in your business. Legacy Business Partners offers some advice and resources for company leaders on identifying underused employees to maximize their potential.

Offering Opportunities for Progression and Promotion

Providing employees with opportunities for progression and promotion is an effective way to identify hidden talent. Make sure there are clear channels for employees to climb the ladder and that they understand their career prospects.

Provide realistic goal-setting exercises and provide training or seminars to assist employees with their personal and professional growth. These opportunities will help you spot the hidden talents in your company, and they'll feel valued and motivated as well.

Mentoring Employees

Mentoring employees is another effective way of identifying underused talent. Pairing an employee who has yet to discover their full potential with a seasoned and exemplary employee can be an excellent pairing, this pairing often leads to growth, learning and mentorship opportunities.

The mentor should be willing to provide guidance and feedback while encouraging the mentee to take risks and achieve their goals.

Regular One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings provide an excellent opportunity to gauge the overall mood of your employees — speak with employees about their personal lives, and ask questions about their work to help you spot subtle changes in behaviors that indicate hidden talent.

These meetings can also be used to discuss their career goals, learn new skills, and provide feedback on performance. It's important to listen carefully to what your employees have to say and identify areas where they might be underused.

Exposing Employees to Different Parts of the Business

Encouraging employees to take part in cross-functional work is another way to identify hidden talent. Cross-functional work allows employees to gain knowledge and experience in various areas of the company, enabling them to discover and use their hidden talents.

Consider pairing employees with other departments or encouraging them to apply for open positions in other departments, and provide a supportive environment during their transition into new roles.

Encourage Employees to Consult and Interact with Each Other

In today's fast-paced work environment, it's more important than ever for employees to have a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork. Encouraging your team to consult and interact with one another not only leads to better problem-solving but also creates a culture of open communication and creativity.

By fostering an environment of collaboration, you can inspire your employees to work together, support each other's strengths, and ultimately achieve greater success as a team. So go ahead, break down those silos and encourage your employees to lean on each other for support and insights — the results could be truly game-changing.

Implement Fair and Transparent Company Policies

Implementing fair and transparent company policies helps to build a positive work environment that leads to employee trust and loyalty. Policies on issues such as harassment should be transparent and clear. Transparent policies help to set proper expectations, which leads to a positive and supportive work environment.

If you are a business owner searching for hidden talents and ways to spot underused talent, there are a variety of strategies such as offering progression opportunities, mentoring, one-on-one meetings, cross-functional work, and fair and transparent company policies.

When team members feel valued, supported, and encouraged, they’ll find opportunities to grow and improve which leads to a better and more productive work environment.

Remember, there are hidden gems in your company just waiting for an opportunity to shine.

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