Video Marketing Tips That Will Capture More Customers

Video Marketing Tips That Will Capture More Customers

Is it just me, or do we see more video content now than we did two years ago? Have you noticed how difficult it is to get your marketing content discovered because customers have such a short attention span?

Since I've been specializing in digital marketing for more than ten years, I've become increasingly fascinated by how swiftly and how drastically the marketing landscape is changing.

The biggest change I've seen recently is that brands that want to prosper must now include video content. Customers expect it, and you're most likely not producing enough of it.

Let's see whether this article can assist you to attract more customers.

Is the "hype" surrounding video over the top?

I'll go right to the point: Instead of reading about a new product or service, 69% of the people your brand is attempting to reach prefer to watch videos. If a customer can't quickly access video footage about your goods or services when they're doing brand research, they'll probably choose a rival.

Well, I can tell you over and over again how important video material is to the marketing of your company.

Yet, since marketers are data-driven creatures, let's look at some data first before redesigning your entire digital strategy. Do you wonder whether video marketers and business owners like you believe it is time well spent?

Indeed, it is the answer. In fact, 96% of marketers who used video in 2022 claim that it is essential to their entire marketing plan. Something must be working because so many marketers are reporting enough success to keep using this tactic.

In addition, 64 to 85% of consumers are more likely to decide to make a purchase after watching a video about a brand's goods or services.

Customers have short attention spans, as I previously indicated, but if you make short, focused films to address this, you won't need to produce a lot of video material. Prioritize quality over quantity.

With statistics like these, video content for marketing needs to be a top priority in your 2023 marketing plan. You've definitely heard that video is king.

Fill your funnel with video material

There are some differences between the appearance of a sales funnel and a marketing funnel. A good funnel, in my opinion, should include awareness, contemplation, conversion, and loyalty.

You may use video to move prospects through the funnel and convert them into devoted clients based on these four stages:

Awareness. Short videos for social media are typically the best type of video material to boost brand awareness, but you may also use TV advertisements.

Videos for brand awareness should not be used as sales pitches; instead, they should be used to draw attention to your brand among customers.

Consideration. Videos that distinguish you from your rivals must be shown to people who are in the consideration stage.

Give them some interviews with professionals and informative films. Remember that the consumer is probably watching your competitors' videos as well, so conduct a competitor analysis to make sure your movies stand out from the crowd.

Conversion. Consumers are oh-so-close to making a purchase from your company during the conversion phase. The best-converting videos are case studies and demonstrations of how your product or service alleviates a problem that your target audience is having. Customer reviews are effective at converting as well.

Loyalty. Customers that are satisfied become devoted consumers and even brand evangelists. Make behind-the-scenes information and movies regarding new developments at your brand to give viewers a sense of belonging.

Better yet, make some of your movies available exclusively to "consumers" to give them a sense of exclusivity. Who doesn't enjoy spending time inside?

Making your videos known

You can spend all day making incredible films, but what good are they if nobody watches them? Remember that viewers WANT to watch your films; it's just your responsibility to make sure they can discover them.

Like any other piece of content, promote your videos. Try both paid and organic social media posts, and showcase videos on the homepage of your website. Use video in your email marketing campaigns.

Partnering with influencers that have an audience that is already interested in your business and who they can share your company's films with is another tactic to think about.

Audiences who follow influencers explicitly look to them for brand recommendations.

Five things to consider when using video

I hope I've inspired you to produce more video content for your business. Here are the top five considerations for utilizing video in your marketing:

  1. Match your buyer personas with your video approach.

Remember that every customer will go through the buyer's journey, and it is your responsibility to assist them by providing them with accessible video material at every level of the funnel.

In order to effectively distribute video material, you must be aware of the platforms where your target audience spends their time.

  1. Don't think of your films as a strategy to generate sales right away.

With thought leadership films, you can capture the interest of your target audience and ensure that they will find you when they are ready to make a purchase.

As an alternative, you can include a CTA at the conclusion of your videos asking viewers to subscribe to something, such a newsletter or another video by filling out a lead capture form.

You can gather the email addresses of potential customers in this way so that you can nurture them.

  1. Although vital, the actual video is more crucial than the audio.

Consider this. With smart phones, many people watch videos without the sound on. Your videos must therefore function properly without sound. You can use closed captions on your movies or only use images to make your message. 4. Examine the "vibe" of your brand on video

Videos should typically be entertaining, compelling, occasionally amusing, and rarely strictly professional.

     4. Make sure the films you produce are consistent with other aspects of your brand's branding and add some personality to them. While consumers only want to interact with brands that they can relate to on a personal level, some firms get mired in their industry jargon. Strive to be witty and chatty.

  1. Make use of your existing talent for your videos.

If you include real employees from your firm in the films you create, they will appear more genuine and appeal to viewers.

At first, it's acceptable for staff to read from a script, but the objective should be for them to become more at ease in front of the camera so they can speak more honestly in the videos you cast them in.

How to add more videos to your website

It's time to start really making videos rather than just thinking about them or fantasizing about them. It takes a lot of effort to create and edit a film, thus I advise having a committed employee "own" video at your business.

If that isn't possible, consider working with a production studio, which may be more cost-effective taking into account the time and resources needed to create effective videos.

Finally, keep in mind that viewers WANT you to engage them with your excellent video material, so make sure you promote it effectively enough for them to find it.

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