Why Direct Mail Marketing is the Most Underrated Business Growth Tactic

Why Direct Mail Marketing is the Most Underrated Business Growth Tactic

Because it's one of the best ways for firms to interact directly with customers, direct mail marketing is still important in the digital age.

This tactic has gained popularity recently as D2C firms invest in direct mail marketing. According to the ANA Response Rate Report, 2021, 17% of direct-to-consumer firms utilize direct mail to engage customers and increase sales. Additionally, 8% utilize this idea to generate leads, and 4% use it to improve brand recognition.

Additionally, direct mail marketing allows businesses to connect with customers who would be hard to reach in other ways, such as those without cellphones or who feel uncomfortable using them to interact with brands, as well as those without internet or cable TV access or cable TV subscriptions.

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Additionally, direct mail should unquestionably be a part of your marketing plan if your company is a customer-focused one that seeks to forge a lasting relationship with its clients.

Here are a few causes for this:

It's Extremely Customized

It's simple to believe that direct mail marketing is obsolete in the digital age in which we live. But guess what? It isn't.

Direct mail is a personalized type of communication that piques attention. It is so much more than just mailing brochures to your consumers.

First and foremost, there is no better marketing method to get someone's attention than by placing something they need or want in their mailbox.

You can't help but open it and take a peek inside—like it's being invited over for supper.

Second, opening direct mail is much more exciting because it is extremely individualized and can contain personal comments and images addressed only to the receiver. If you receive an envelope with your name on it, would you be more likely to open it than an email? That is a completely different matter.

Finally, using direct mail allows you to exhibit your business in a distinctive way. Direct mail can be used to promote exciting events taking place at your business or shop (such as a new product launch or offer).

According to a USPS survey on direct mail, 67% of respondents think that direct mail has a more individualized feeling than the internet. Direct mail marketing is a very effective technique for businesses to contact both new and existing customers because it allows them to customize their messages depending on client preferences and demographics.

Direct mail has higher response rates than digital channels.

It goes without saying that internet marketing is an effective instrument. It is simpler, more practical, and less expensive than other types of marketing. However, despite its acceptance and usefulness, direct mail still has some advantages over online resources.

Because it generates greater response rates than digital platforms, direct mail marketing is still important in the digital age. In comparison to other forms of promotion, direct mail offers your company a better return on investment.

Direct mail's persuasiveness is incomparable to that of digital media. If it appeals to senses other than touch, its motivation response is 20% higher, and this increase is noticeably greater. This is because direct mail is easier to recall and comprehend than digital media. It produces significantly more brand recall and necessitates 21% less cognitive processing labor.

In addition, 26% of the 2000 consumers polled for a recent LoopMe analysis say that direct mail helps them make the best purchases.

This indicates that using direct mail is more economical than using digital channels like email or even social media.

Direct mail may be creative and memorable.

It's likely that you've heard that direct mail marketing is obsolete. Direct mail is still a viable option even though digital marketing has supplanted it as the preferred way to reach potential clients for a variety of reasons.

For starters, direct mail has the potential to be more memorable than online advertising.

There are a lot of things vying for your attention when you get an email from a business or organization, including other emails in your inbox, social media updates, and texts from friends and family. Your message will have a difficult time being heard in this crowded setting.

On the other hand, direct mail usually has a more intimate feel to it. It will feel more significant than most emails because it is sent in an envelope addressed to you by name. Since the information was created with you in mind, it will also be more compelling.

Last but not least, direct mail offers opportunities for creativity that digital platforms just cannot match, whether it be through brilliant copywriting or unique packaging (like a gift box).

These characteristics make your message distinctive and memorable, which greatly contributes to building trust with potential clients.

The study actually discovered that customers excitedly look forward to opening their mailboxes. According to research, 98% of consumers open their mail the same day it is sent. 77% of individuals immediately go through their mail, and 72% bring it in as soon as they can.

To Sum Up

If you're interested in trying it out, here are some reasons why direct mail marketing may be the most effective business growth tactic for your upcoming campaign. Direct mail marketing is still a viable technique to contact your target audience.

Keep in mind that direct mail is not just for large corporations or e-commerce brands. Anyone with a compelling idea, a compelling message, and solid design abilities can use it to produce something truly original.

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