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Transforming Campaigns into Returns at Scale

Who Is James?

With a proven track record of driving eight-figure marketing campaigns, managing social media across multiple locations and states, and strategizing for Fortune 500 companies, James brings a unique blend of skills and business intellegence. 

James's versatility, from on-ground event management to online campaign optimization, has consistently added value to the companies he's been a part of.

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Unique Skillsets


10yrs Google Advertising
12yrs META Advertising
15yrs SEO
17yrs Digital Marketing
20yrs Marketing

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
SEMrush Certification
Google Ads Certification
Facebook Blueprint Certification
SCORE Certified Mentor


Biggest Returns

2015 - 134 Million Generated in Verdicts
2017 - 18 Million Generated in Sales
2019 - Retained clients like Chase, BP Oil, and  Boris Head under James's leadership
2022 - 750k Sales Generated in 10 Months

Career Highlights


The Law Office of MSL- 2014

Marketing Director

In 2014 James was hired by the law office of Micheal Lamonsoff to be the head of marketing. James grew the business by 433% from the start by improving the radio campaigns.

Next, James garnished local and national press by transforming Micheal’s cases into attention-grabbing news. Lastly, James converted MSL’s marketing and advertising into Spanish, which led to capturing a 150 million-dollar case that was gained by targeting the Latin community.

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Eddy G Hospitality Group- 2016

Marketing Director

In 2016, James was tasked with bringing back to life a legendary entertainment group. By the end of 2016 while under James's leadership, the hospitality group grossed over 7 million dollars while using social media advertising.

The hosplitalty group went from 4 locations to 7 in two years. Ultimately the business grew into the high 8 figures with the same methods.

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Lincoln Tech- 2018

Social Media Director

In 2018 I was tapped to be the head of social media at Lincoln Tech, which has 21 campuses in 14 states. The first taste of success was bringing down CPAs from $426 to $32.

From there James was able to diversify the brand across multiple social media platforms including Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. James also managed and personalized all 21 accounts across the 14 states.


Popshap - 2020

Marketing Director

As the head of marketing for an interactive technology company, Google advertising was the main source of revenue. Leveraging his marketing psychology and copywriting skills to grab the attention of clients Like BP, Chase Bank, Boris Head and more.

James took the company to another level by incorporating YouTube marketing, which gained clients like Boris Head CO, Discovery Channel and several others.

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White Glove Moving & Storage -2022

VP of Marketing

Taking over as the VP of Marketing, James was quickly able to grow the business in a variety of ways. First, by decreasing the CPAs by 92.82%.

Next, James increased sales in 10 months to more than $700k by diversifying strategies with Mailchimp, Yelp, GLS ads, Bing and more. James also ventured into business development through industries such as real estate, poperty management and .


Mplus Creative Group -2023

Marketing Consultant 

Late in the year 2023, James was asked to provide advertising consulting for a local digital marketing agency.

The client was a retail property company that was struggling to bring in new customers. James sprung into action by creating a location-based advertising campaign to generate and track foot traffic to the location. This campaign led to a total of 822 new customers across 3 locations in the first month.

nj business development

Building Communities Through Tourism

A Dream Come True

In 2017 James had the opportunity to consult for the Elizabeth Division of Tourism. This allowed James to put together an all-star team of creatives to increase tourism to the city. James was put in charge of a few projects.

First, marketing an annual bike tour that brings enthusiast from New Jersey and New York. We were able to increase attendees by 53.83%.

The second project was an innovative 360-degree video for the city of Elizabeth to use as a presentation at trade shows and conventions to lure tour operators to schedule tours and stays in the city.

 Lastly, James collaborated with local restaurants, hotels, and other local main attractions to upgrade their digital assets in efforts to attract out of towners.

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The Next Level

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Also in 2017 James was tapped to social media consult for New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak concerning his gubernatorial campaign.

 Again, James was able to put together a cast of brilliant minds to create and execute social media advertising and management.

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Transforming Campaigns into Returns at Scale

Proven Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website in the Digital Era

This book was designed to give you proven advertising and promotion tools for the digital era. This book covers everything from Google to Facebook advertising, social media influencer marketing, and more. This isn't one of those regular online marketing books that will leave you broke and disgusted. Plain and simple I show you how to drive sales to your website!

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The 50 Laws of Branding

Branding Strategies For Your Business in The Digital Era

These 50 laws will guide you on how to connect the digital (online) to reality (offline) through a cohesive brand strategy. Everything in this book is built upon and supported by strategy. To produce extraordinary branding, you need expert advice, amazing creativity, and business growth strategies that measurably improve business performance.

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Industries of Influence


Theater - Flim - Production - Music

Real Estate

Realtors - Brokers - Photogaphy - Technology


Trade Schools - Online Classes - Medical

Health & Wellness

Fitness - Gyms - Media - Coaches


Schools - Dealerships - Moving


Banks - Apps - Education


Online Stores - Merchandise - Apps


Concerts - Trade Shows - Conferences


Personal Injury - Intellectual Property

Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated to Greatness

For James, there is no clocking out. He takes his work home, works weekends, and even holidays.

To be the best you must prepare for the best. Self education and spiritual intelligence are core principles that keep James at the top of his class. His willingness to take risks and trust the talent around him allows him to lead teams to unprecedented heights.

What to expect

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