Our Why

Legacy Business Partners or as we like to call it…

The League of Extraordinary Executives!

Originally started as a marketing consulting company, but the need was much more complex than the lack of customers.

Systems and departments were broken or non-existent.

A vision came from God, to build a team of innovative executives.

To create profitable sales systems, processes, and revenue models for every industry.

Now, other companies can white-label us to grow their business.

Recently the owner (James Marques) was asked why the need for Legacy Business Partners?

And a deeper-rooted understanding was discovered.

This is who we are (in the words of JMR):


My father had a vision but wasn’t able to fulfill it completely.

Thankfully I saw the vision and was able to pick the ball up.

The goal is to build generational wealth so that my children don’t have to work a job they despise.

So that grandparents and siblings never have another financial worry.

And to provide jobs and real opportunities to the community.

That was the vision my dad saw.

This is where legacy comes into play…


When I look around I see greed, homelessness, hunger, and injustice.

Trillions of dollars are being hoarded and wasted each year.

We are dedicated to ending all four destroying factors.

Through innovative programs, entrepreneurship education, and community development.

This is where partners come into play… Because together we can.


Freedom to wake up every day (most days) happy.

The freedom to love Mondays.

No one was designed to do something they hate for 40+ years.

I want us all to be free!! As many human beings as possible.

And when companies thrive, the people in the communities do too.

The happier people are the more productive they are.

I want to create a world of freedom for our team, partners, and clients.  

Freedom can only be achieved through finances…

This is where the Business comes into play.

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