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How to Get New Customers Without Ads

June 09, 20241 min read

The Legacy Business Partners Event, aptly named How to Get New Customers Without Ads, is a revolutionary gathering that challenges the traditional norms of marketing. It's designed for entrepreneurs and marketers who are eager to explore new avenues for customer acquisition beyond conventional advertisements.

Understanding Customer Acquisition

Definition of customer acquisition: It refers to the process of bringing new clients or customers to your business. The goal of customer acquisition strategies is to create systematic, sustainable acquisition tactics that can evolve with new trends and changes in the market.

Why businesses seek alternatives to ads: With the increasing costs of traditional advertising and the oversaturation in many markets, businesses are turning to more creative, cost-effective methods to attract new customers without relying solely on ads.

Event Overview

Keynote Speakers and their backgrounds: This event features James Marques, a seasoned entrepreneur who have excelled in their industries by leveraging non-traditional marketing strategies. They bring a wealth of knowledge from various sectors, including technology, retail, and service industries.

Event schedule and session breakdown: The event is structured around a workshop that covers a range of topics from digital strategies to offline tactics that have proven successful for customer engagement and retention.

legacy business partners

Networking Opportunities

Strategies for effective networking at events: Networking is a critical aspect of any business event. This section would provide practical tips on making meaningful connections, following up post-event, and leveraging these relationships for mutual benefit.

Success stories from past clients: See results from past clients who have successfully implemented these marketing strategies, showcasing the tangible benefits of this event.

Legacy Business Partners
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George Owens

Legacy Business Partners are definitely the ones to go with when it comes to growth and marketing for your business. They're completely professional and have innovative and effective marketing strategies.

Kim Wexler

They provided excellent advice, seamless integration between social media and our website, and created campaigns geared towards our targeted audience. We look forward to our continued success with the support of LBP.

James Cart

I recently had the opportunity to receive great marketing advice from Legacy, they were able to breakdown strategies for me to implement to be able to grow my business. I am very thankful to James for all of his help.

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